The power of small data

The atom. Bullet ants. Firecrackers. Mycrodata. All things that are small, but packed with tons of potential. Formyula makes it easy for you to tap into the compact power of Mycrodata to generate some pretty big answers.

Turn questions into insights.

In just a few steps, Formyula gives you the ability to collect and analyze important data, reducing the time it takes to discover insights that matter.

Ask a Question

It all starts with a question... How can we be more efficient? How can we improve sales performance? How can I make life better or safer for others?

Collect Data

Once you know your question, build forms to capture real-world data on a single device, across an entire enterprise, or around the world.

Discover Insights

Once your data set has been collected, explore it with built-in analytical tools to discover insights that lead to smarter, better-informed decisions.

Simply Powerful

Formyula has been designed to be easy to use, but packed with powerful features.

Intuitive Form Builder
Easily build complex forms that allow you to capture critical data.
Mobile App
Distribute forms to people in the office, in the field, or around the world to gather data.
Project Management
Organize forms, data and insights by project to keep things neat and tidy.
Data Analysis
Analyze, parse and dissect your data to discover meaningful insights.
Build your custom dashboard to quickly view your important reports and projects.
All of your data is safe on our Rackspace servers with world-class security.
Data Import
Import pre-existing data via CSV or Excel to round out your data sets.
Data Governance & Alignment
Align data collection and naming practices, and connect data across a fragmented chain of custody.

Find Answers That Matter

Formyula can be used to reveal critical insights anywhere that untapped data is waiting to be captured and analyzed.

Track Quality Assurance

Use Formyula to track the quality assurance process and find weakness in your supply chain.

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Streamline Data Collection

Make smarter use of time, talent and information.

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Increase Customer Intimacy

Find out what your customers really want.

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Push Paper Into The Past

Replace paper forms and data collection with a single app.

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Collect data anywhere

You and your team can download the Formyula app to your mobile devices to record data and sync it to your account, anywhere from Boston to Beijing.

We're born problem solvers.

We like to think of ourselves as information rebels and Mycrodata pioneers, but in our hearts we are just data nerds who went looking for a better, faster way to use data in creative ways to solve problems. We couldn’t find what we wanted – a flexible, intuitive data tool – so we built it ourselves. But we soon realized that it wouldn’t be polite to build it just for ourselves (we learned all about sharing in kindergarten), so we built it for everyone.

Enterprise Accounts

We can customize Formyula to meet all of your needs, just get in touch.

  • Advanced controls
  • Service Plan Available
  • Private projects
  • Customization
  • Standard controls
  • API Access
  • Specialty controls

* Service Plans available to organizations whom subscribe to the Team Account.

** Customization available to organizations whom subscribe to the Team Account only if they also subscribe to a Service Plan.

Prices subject to change

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